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Green Innovation Centre - Media Kit

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The Green Innovation Centre, launched on 8 June 2023,  is a unique partnership between Swedcham, Bukit Batok Grassroots Organisations, South West Community Development Council (CDC) which aims to promote and showcase sustainable urban living and practices to support the Singapore Green Plan 2030. 

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The Green Innovations

Green and Smart Community
Green and Smart Community

Partners:  ABB  - Axis - Nöjdhs - Securitas - Cosy Garden

Singapore has set its sights on becoming a Smart Nation, harnessing technology to transform how people live, work, and play. One of the three key pillars of the Singapore Smart Nation initiative is Digital Society, which is about developing ability to use technology safely and ensure equal access for all. Green and Smart Community builds one important foundation of the Digital Society, by making technology more accessible to every Singaporean, improving Singaporeans’ digital literacy, helping the local community and businesses drive widespread adoption of technology, and designing inclusive digital services, such as the digital readiness blueprint. 


Here at Cosy Garden, we have created a showcase to show how a local community can benefit from technology as part of a Digital Society, driving smart adoption of technology and making digital services accessible to everyone in the community while at the same time focusing on sustainable living.


The smart energy solution designed in the garden provides a reliable and renewable energy solution with the battery keeping the essential loads operational in case of grid supply failing. The Axis security equipment and the Securitas integrated protective services are leveraging the latest technology to give the garden volunteers increased security, control, and peace of mind with real time monitoring of the movements in and out of the garden. 


How Cosy Garden’s energy loop and connected equipment is set up:

Photos: SwedCham Singapore

Renewable and Reliable Energy
Renewable and Reliable Energy

Partners:  Nöjdhs - 10 Degree Solar - ABB - Cosy Garden

To reach the Paris Agreement’s target of limiting global warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius, every country must do its part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One important step is to install renewable energy systems. For Singapore, solar power is one of the most promising renewable energy sources available. The SG Green Plan has set a goal to increase solar energy fivefold to at least 2 gigawatt peak by 2030. 


Here at Cosy Garden, 10 Degree Solar and Nojdhs Technologies have worked together to install solar panels to locally harvest energy from the sun, as well as a battery storage system so that the electricity supply can switch between the grid and the battery. In case of power supply failure, the essential loads will be kept operational for more than 12 hours with help of the intelligent energy supply monitoring and maintenance solution designed by Nojdhs and provided by Axis, Securitas and ABB. Thanks to these solutions, a closed energy loop with renewable and reliable energy has been created at Cosy Garden. 


Here at Cosy Garden, a closed energy loop with renewable and reliable energy has been created, with close collaboration between local start-ups and the Swedish companies:

  • 10 Degree Solar and Nöjdhs Technologies have worked together to design and implement the smart renewable energy supply solution

  • Solar panels are installed to locally harvest energy from the sun and charge the batteries via the battery storage system AC200Max. Only when there is shortage of sunlight, the batteries will be charged from the power grid. The switch of the electricity supply between the solar panels and the power grid is monitored real time and controlled smartly to maximize the energy usage of solar power and minimize the dependency on the power grid. The information on the electricity usage, charging and discharging will be monitored real time.

  • To improve the reliability of the renewable energy solution, designed by Nöjdhs Technologies, and provided by ABB, Axis, and Securitas, an intelligent Energy Supply and Monitoring and Maintenance solution has been implemented. In case of the grid power supply failure, the battery acts as the uninterrupted power supply to keep the essential load (such as the koi fish!) operational for more than 12 hours. To extend the battery backup time, the ABB monitoring relay will disconnect the non-essential load until the grid power supply is back and trigger an alarm to the garden team through the Axis and Securitas monitoring system being installed in the garden.  

Photos: SwedCham Singapore

Smart Rodent Trap
Smart Rodent

Partners:  Anticimex - Cosy Garden

In Cosy Garden, Anticimex has installed five smart rodent traps to help get rid of pesky rodents in a nice way. This intelligent system combines hardware and software to keep the garden free from unwanted pests. With its advanced sensors, it can detect any rodent activity and quickly respond to prevent any infestations. It doesn't use any toxic pesticides, making it safe for both people and the environment. Once a rodent enters the trap, the catch function is activated, delivering an instantaneous electrical current that quickly and humanely eliminates the pest. And with its smart data hub, Anticimex is alerted to any catches, ensuring that our Cosy garden remains rodent-free. The system uses sustainable rechargeable batteries to power the trap, making it an eco-friendly choice.