Develop Strategies. Design Campaigns. Implement.


We develop communications and social media strategies for international organisations and corporations. 


We design, and when asked, run campaigns to reach your audience.

We also specialise in producing high-end presentations with custom infographics. Whether it's a Powerpoint, prezi, spark or keynote, we help you with professional visuals to make your pitch, lecture or high-level briefing the best one you have ever made. 


Infographic design is our bread and butter.


We tell your story, highlight statistics or summarize complex information in a single image.


By visualising complex data, we simplify decision making. And, ultimately, help shape policies and strategies. 


We can turn text into graphics. Graphic editing cuts the word count and adds visual content to reports.


Unique products. 


We are passionate about finding creative ways to get complex messages across.


We conceptualize and design unique & beautiful products. We have re-imagined recipe books, story books and card games to engage audiences, especially young people, with complex global issues.


Create memories.


We design digital and physical experiences. From interactive infographics that enable users to "choose" the data they want to see, to real-life experiences, we create memories that stick. 


One-stop social media shop.


We develop social media strategies, create content and manage social media platforms. 


Unique campaigns.


We conceptualise campaigns for our partners. From idea and planning to design and roll-out. We do it all. 


We also make events interesting. We help design conferences or experiences that are memorable. And most importantly, productive and fun at the same time.


The questions we help you answer:


  • How to make an event memorable?

  • How to structure an interesting conversation/panel discussion? 

  • How to make a conference session more interactive?

  • How to structure a session for productive brainstorming? 

  • How to integrate the SDGs into events in an interesting or unique way?