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Dilucidar is 'Elucidate' in Spanish. 

Elucidate: (verb) to clarify, to make clear, to enlighten 


Our Story

We specialize in crafting solutions that simplify complex issues. We firmly believe that understanding the world around us is crucial for making informed decisions and driving positive change.

Our journey began with a focus on data visualization and infographics. However, our clients quickly recognized our ability to deliver more comprehensive creative services. They sought our expertise in storytelling, writing, translation, communication strategies, campaigns, social media content and other creative concept developments. In response to their needs, we assembled a diverse and talented team from different corners of the world.

Our team is global and diverse. The majority of our experts are women and professionals from the Global South who bring unique perspectives and insights to our work. Collaborating with numerous organisations and companies dedicated to promoting economic development in specific regions, we take pride in our ability to contribute to those development efforts by hiring local talent. With a vast network of specialized professionals, freelancers and consultants spanning the globe, we ensure that we can assist our clients at any time, day or night.

After a decade of work, we have evolved into an award-winning boutique agency that stands out from the crowd, offering a comprehensive range of services that revolve around the integration of creativity and sustainability. From conceptualizing captivating campaigns to crafting compelling narratives, we blend artistry and strategy to deliver meaningful results.

Join us as we empower you to navigate complexity, inspire understanding, and make a lasting impact. 

Experience the difference of working with a creative agency that values diversity, innovation, and the pursuit of positive change. Together, let's shape a brighter sustainable future through the power of creativity using storytelling and effective visualisations.

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