We offer a variety of services to support design, communication and partnerships on issues related to sustainability. 

Communication Strategies

From the very basics of how and what to communicate. We can help define your communication strategy. 

Annual Reports

We are continuously looking for better ways to report on achievements and outcomes. Annual reports are for the most part necessary but not always read so we strive to find better ways to present the most relevant information for key stakeholders. 


Visualizing data and conceptual information is our passion. We can advise the best approach to convey your message using visual elements. 

Creative Outreach

We are creative and love coming up with innovative ways to reach your audience. 

Communication and partnerships for sustainability

We know business also has an important part to play in making this world a sustainable one. With our experience in international development, we are uniquely positioned to advise and envision ways to partner with NGOs or create authentic CSR programs that make a difference. 

Story-telling and data visualisation training

We share our knowledge. We deliver custom-made workshops for business and international organisations on data visualisation and storytelling.  

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