We like to explore new ways to illustrate and showcase development and policy information. We have experience in finding innovative formats that make for memorable products. 

This recipe book is an interesting example where the concept and design preceded the content. When the Director of Dilucidar was heading the UN Perception Change Project, one of the main challenges was to find creative ways to explain what the different UN organizations and NGOs based in Geneva did. The idea to make a recipe book was something she had been thinking of for a long time and there was now an excellent opportunity to bring that idea to life. Although the thought of writing “UN recipes” was met with some resistance, in the end, it was an astounding success. The project received over 30 submissions. Most importantly,  was completed in less than two months which was also an important element in changing perceptions as to how fast UN organizations can work. The book went on to have three editions and has become the go-to gift all agencies can use. The Swiss Government also used it at a gift at the  2015 Milan Expo at the Swiss pavilion.

This was a project designed to reach a younger generation and engage them on the Sustainable Development Goals. It is a reinterpretation of traditional folk and fairy tales from around the world where the characters are exposed to issues linked to the SDGs.

Fairy Tales for a Fairer world was envisioned as a trans-media product where readers could join online conversations by scanning links in the book. 


The founder of Dilucidar developed the creative concept, led the development and production of the book (from storylines to design), fundraised to produce it, and did the layout. The book continues to be a great success at the UN in Geneva with new language versions in the works. It has already been translated into Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Greek.

This is an augmented Reality Card Game we designed and developed for the Emirates Diplomatic Academy. It was envisioned as a game to engage young diplomats with the Sustainable Development Goals, test their knowledge of the world, and put their diplomatic skills to test. 

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